Rosa Brancatella in Bologna to discuss harmonization between male and female

Dr. Rosa Brancatella, member of the Council of the New Pythagorean School, will be in Bologna on Friday 11 October at the invitation of the Cenacolo Bolognese di Cultura e Società.

The event entitled: Harmonization between male and female, basis of human well-being, will take place at the Circolo Ufficiali dell’Esercito, in Via Marsala n. 12, in Bologna, starting at 18:00.

Introduced by Carla Vettori - President of the Cenacolo Bolognese for Culture and Society, followed by Past President Filippo Frontera.

An event open to all, which follows the popular activity on the theme of women, the cornerstone of the NPS.


The NSP guest in Ravenna

At the end of September 2019 the New Pythagorean School was a guest in Ravenna on the occasion of the "Future Projects, we give light to the ideas for living ideals" event, organized and led by Barbara Bartoli.

During the days of conferences and initiatives the NSP was represented by Salvatore Mongiardo and other members, who disseminated the activities and principles of the association, touching on the themes that the New Pythagorean School intends to disseminate, first of all the issue of women.

Many participants were able to reflect and learn more about the initiatives and the novelty of the NSP message.


No weapons, No wars! The Day in Curinga

The 2019 edition of the World Day for the destruction of all weapons was held in Curinga, an event promoted by the New Pythagorean School which intends to officially establish this important "World Day" at an international level.

This new edition was organized with the association "The dunes of Acquania" of the president Rossella Oscuro and of its Deputy Iolanda Sorrenti, both also members of the NSP.

In the presence of the mayor Dr. Vincenzo Serrao, and many other curious present, including many members of the New Pythagorean School, Edwige Renaud, Vanessa Cardamone, the president of the Rotary Club of Lamezia Avv. Domenico Galati, the weapons were symbolically destroyed on the anvil, launching again a message of peace to the whole world.

The event was also attended by Felice Izzi and the members of Uisp, who are collaborating with the NSP for the great project of the "Cammino d'Italia", which will be illustrated on the occasion of the Celebration for the birth of Italy, another important initiative promoted and conceived by the New Pythagorean School and scheduled this year on 7 July next at the now famous Mulinum headquarters in San Floro.


New Pythagorean School and Mulinum together from Calabria for Italy

On 22 February 2019 the New Pythagorean School was a guest at the Mulinum of San Floro, which has now become an important productive and cultural center, to discuss with Salvatore Mongiardo on the theme of the first Italy, Calabria, Pythagoras and therefore of Magna Graecia, looking at the future of all humanity.

The meeting was introduced by Stefano Caccavari of Mulinum who then left the word to Salvatore Mongiardo to get to the heart of the topics discussed.

On this occasion it was announced the beginning of the collaboration between the two companies born both in 2016, precisely the Mulinum and the New Pythagorean School, which will bring, among other things, this year on the first Sunday of July the Celebration of the birth of Italy just in San Floro, as a final stage of a relay that will involve athletes who will start respectively from the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea and then rejoin the Mulinum, where the grand ceremony with the Syssitia and the Bread Ox will be held.

In addition, Salvatore Mongiardo has launched another idea that has found unanimous and enthusiastic all the numerous participants and members present at the meeting: that is, a "Italians Way". A pedestrian and cycle path that rejoins the two seas to be prepared and delineated in the Marcellinara strait. Valuing along the way the places with monuments and stages that make it possible to relive and rediscover the history of Italy and Magna Graecia.

Present at the event of San Floro in addition to the members of Catanzaro of the New Pythagorean School, also other Calabrian members of the NSP including the President Marco Tricoli.

The pleasant evening ended with a tasting of the excellent products of the Mulinum, which further enlivened the many guests.


The Mulinum of San Floro meets the New Pythagorean School

On Friday 22nd February 2019 at 18:30 a meeting with Salvatore Mongiardo will be held at the Mulinum in San Floro. Thanks to the extraordinary work of Stefano Caccavari, Mulinum has now become one of the most interesting initiatives in the entire regional and national scene.

The New Pythagorean School therefore accepted with extreme happiness the invitation of Stefano, to discuss with the themes of the first Italy, of the Syssitia, of the Bread Ox, of the Pythagoreanism, of the Magna Graecia, and therefore of the future of our territory and of the entire planet.

Appointment in San Floro (Cz) next Friday, the Mulinum is waiting for you!


Dignità della donna nel pitagorismo

Un’analisi di Salvatore Mongiardo sul tema del femminile e delle donne pitagoriche.

Care Amiche e cari Amici,

In questa esposizione mi atterrò essenzialmente alle tre maggiori fonti classiche. Pertanto, le frasi riportate in questo mio scritto sono citazioni testuali tratte da:

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Complexity of human violence

An analysis of Salavatore Mongiardo on the complexity of human violence.

It is commonly said that: violence has always existed and will always exist. Or: man is violent by nature and will never change. Is this statement correct? Or is it simply the verification of violence spreading in the world? In short, can we get away from the violence? And how? And why am I pointing out this problem?

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Confirmed the publication of the text on the life of Pythagoras

The text of the New Pythagorean School on the life of Pythagoras will soon be printed and distributed free in all the schools of the city of Crotone.

The project to elaborate a synthesis on the Pythagorean phenomenon, in particular for young students, has always been one of the first objectives of the New Pythagorean School. Today, thanks to the contribution of the members and the editorial staff edited by Marco Tricoli, the text Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortal it is a matter of fact. Continue reading “Confermata la pubblicazione del testo sulla vita di Pitagora”


The project of the Pythagorean Way of Crotone enters the heart of programming

A distanza di quasi un anno dalla consegna della documentazione ufficiale presso il Comune di Crotone, la proposta della Nuova Scuola Pitagorica per la creazione del Pythagorean Way entra nel vivo della programmazione.

Ricordiamo che la New Pythagorean School nei primi mesi del 2018 ha protocollato ufficialmente al Comune di Crotone una richiesta di autorizzazione per lo sviluppo di un progetto per la città denominato il “Cammino Pitagorico”.

Dopo mesi di accurati studi, l’Associazione ha individuato infatti un percorso strutturato nel centro urbano della città che porti a trasformarlo in luogo formativo, capace di reinventare e valorizzare la relazione tra città-individuo-comunità, non relegando l’educazione in luoghi specifici ma promuovendo apprendimenti autonomi costruiti sulla complessità e il movimento.

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By becoming a member you can receive official communications, invitations to events, texts, articles and food for thought that develop within the New Pythagorean School, so as to implement your research or support your path of analysis and personal study

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The Pythagorean phenomenon

The figure of Pythagoras is commonly associated only with geometry and numbers, but in fact his teachings tend to harmoniously unify the emotional and spiritual with the rational side of the human being.

“Around 530 B.C., Pythagoras left the Greek island of Samos, dominated by the tyrant Polycrates, and came to establish himself in Crotone, which he had visited in his youth with his father...” (Porphyry - Life of Pythagoras, chapter 2).

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The New Pythagorean School

The New Pythagorean School (NPS) is a philosophical and cultural organization oriented towards the rediscovery and actualization of Italic-Pythagorean ethics.

The two pillars of the New Pythagorean School are the: anti-violence and the dignity of women, which find their foundation in the history of Pythagoras and of Italy, today more than ever decisive arguments for the harmonious coexistence of all the living beings of the earth.

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Presentation of the text Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortal

Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortalis the text that the New Pythagorean School has produced, after two years of research, to spread the knowledge of the Pythagorean philosopher, especially in schools and within society.

The publication will be officially presented Tuesday, December 18 at 17:30 at the Council Chamber of the City of Crotone, the organization that has collaborated with the NSP association to the cultural initiative.

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Professor Adriana Valerio meets the New Pythagorean School

The coordination of Crotone of the New Pythagorean School organized in Crotone on Tuesday, October 8, 2018 an important meeting with Professor Adriana Valerio. Historian, philosopher, internationally renowned theologian, professor at the Federico II University of Naples, Valerio presented her latest book to Crotone: Mary of Nazareth. History, traditions, dogmas.

On this occasion the theme of the greater dignity of women in Pythagoreanism was discussed, one of the central topics of the NPS.

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The World Day for the Destruction of All Weapons is celebrated on 10 June

Unfortunately for millenniums, humanity has witnessed an interminable violence. Wars and therefore arms, generates untold destruction, death, material and moral damage.

Since 2017, on the initiative of the New Pythagorean School, has been promoted the World Day for the destruction of all weapons, currently is not included in the officially recognized world days calendar.

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The first territorial coordination of the New Pythagorean School begins

In these days the coordination of the NSP operational offices of Rome and Crotone are being defined.

The new Pythagorean School, as required by the Statute, establishes the territorial operational offices in order to promote initiatives and activities linked to the associative principles.

There are more than 100 members of the NSP registered in the Crotone area, while in Rome there are about 60. The coordinators, appointed by the Council, have the role of preparing and developing the calendar of activities, involving the members and the other main realities of the territory with a view to sharing and harmony.


Opened in the Library of Crotone the Pythagoras Library Fund

Inside the A. Lucifero Municipal Library of Crotone, the Pythagoras Library Fundwas inaugurated, an exclusive section dedicated to the Pythagorean phenomenon and to Magna Graecia.

The fund already has about 500 publications, articles, volumes, research from all over the world and in various languages.

La Nuova Scuola Pitagorica esprime profonda soddisfazione per il servizio che permetterà a studiosi e semplici appassionati di portare avanti e approfondire le proprie ricerche. Inoltre è un’occasione buona per visitare Crotone: la città pitagorica.


Conference in Bologna of the New Pythagorean School

On November 7, 2017, an important conference was held in the city of Bologna, titled: the legacy of Pythagoras and Magna Grecia as a proposal for today’s world.

The event was promoted and organized by the Cenacolo Bolognese of Culture and Society that invited the New Pythagorean School to relate to the subject.

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Presentation of the book “The mystery of sound without number”

On 31 August at 19:30 at the Pythagoras Gardens and Museum in Crotone will be presented the Pythagorean novel “the mystery of the sound without number” by Flavio Ubaldini published by Scienza Express.

The event is promoted by the New Pythagorean School with the collaboration of Jobel and will also be attended by the editorial director of Science Express, the mathematician Prof. Daniele Gouthier, who was among the protagonists of the design of the important architectural and scientific complex of the Pythagoras Gardens and Museum, which will host the presentation on Thursday 31 August.

It is a cultural moment and a comparison not to be missed, as usual in the initiatives of the New Pythagorean School open to all.


Completed the kayak itinerary for Magna Grecia

The final stage of the kayak trip to Magna Grecia was a success.

A moment filled with emotions that deeply involved the participants, the organizers, and in particular the two athletes Vanessa and Francesco who left one from Reggio and the other from Taranto traveled about 440 Km stopping daily in various locations including Locri, Metaponto and Sibari, then to reunite and find themselves on July 15 in Crotone, greeted by a wonderful celebration of the Olimpia Dance School.

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Celebration of the birth of Italy

Il On July 2nd, at 19:30, at the Pythagoras Gardens and Museum in Crotone, will take place the first day to celebrate the birth of Italy. A historical phenomenon in many ways little-known but which plays a crucial role in the development of humanity.

Around 2000 B.C. Italy was founded in the present Calabria, based on sharing, equality, friendship and freedom. This event greatly influenced the cultures of the peoples of that time and above all contributed to attract Pythagoras to Crotone of Italy to create its great ethical and philosophical project.

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World Day for the destruction of all weapons

The New Pythagorean School promoted the World Day for the destruction of all weapons on 10 June.

The event takes place in various cities from 11:00 to 12:30 AM and is also indicated by the partecipation of children.

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Official presentation of the New Pythagorean School in the city of Reggio Calabria

On May 12, the New Pythagorean School will be presented in the city of Reggio Calabria at Dante Alighieri University in Via del Torrione 95.
The event is scheduled to start recording at 5.30 pm and then proceed with the interventions of the Rector of the University Prof. Salvatore Berlingò and members of the New Pythagorean School Marco Tricoli, Rosa Brancatella and Salvatore Mongiardo.

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Summary of the meeting on the Pythagorean phenomenon

“Let’s talk about Pythagoras”: the event organized by the New Pythagorean School it was an important moment of cultural and philosophical confrontation of ideas and information exchange, mainly oriented to tourist guides but also to professors, passionates and onlookers who could freely participate in this first happy encounter, took place on 11 February at the Museum Gardens of Pythagoras in Crotone.

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Let’s talk about Pythagoras

Saturday, 11 February at 17:30 in the Museum – Pythagoras Gardens there will be an important cultural event about Pythagoras and pythagorean phenomenon.

A moment of reflection, learning and comparison open to all, with the participation of professors, archaeologists, tour guides and passionates.

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Confirmed the presentation of the New Pythagorean School in the City of Rome

June 24 is confirmed the presentation of the New Pythagorean School in the City of Rome in view of the official foundation which will take place in Crotone in the second half of August 2016.

The event is a cognitive meeting and a party open to all.
They will explain the objectives and the spirit that animates the project N.P.S.

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Crotone – First cognitive meeting of the New School Pythagorean

Friday was held in Crotone first cognitive meeting of the New School Pythagorean.
The event saw the participation of many interested people, women, youth, professionals and other relevant associations and institutions, with which to start synergistic relations and shared actions.

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Presentation New Pythagorean School to the city of Crotone

Friday, May 13, 2016 – at 19:00 – at the tennis club Giorgio Manzulli in Viale Magna Grecia No. 3, there will be a cognitive meeting and a common party to introduce the New Pythagorean School to the city of Crotone in view of founding official opening in August 2016.

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