The New Pythagorean School

The New Pythagorean School (NPS) is a philosophical and cultural organization oriented towards the rediscovery and actualization of Italic-Pythagorean ethics.

The two pillars of the New Pythagorean School are the: anti-violence and the dignity of women, which find their foundation in the history of Pythagoras and of Italy, today more than ever decisive arguments for the harmonious coexistence of all the living beings of the earth.

The New Pythagorean School also promotes cultural activities aimed at a critical re-examination of history, capable of leading to an awareness that gives an elevated meaning to life.

Today we consider essential the need to explore and use the Magna Graecia cultural treasure hidden under the ruins of such decadence. This project is not animated by desires to return to the past or seek revenge, but rather it is dictated by the willingness to make the Earth the common residence for all people, to overcome the divisions and obstacles generated by envies, religions, politics, races and gender. With only this as our aim, ancient and modern, the New Pythagorean School will surge from the ashes from where it once was established and operated: Crotone“.


The New Pythagorean School was officially born on 30 November 2015 with the signature of the deed of incorporation near the Temple of Hera Lacinia di Crotone. The following day, on 1 December 2015, all the documents were deposited in public offices.

The project was born thanks to the ideas contained in the books and other writings of Salvatore Mongiardo, who came to Crotone in 2012 at the invitation of Domenico Monizzi to hold a conference in Pythagorean meetings of cardiology. They then began to think of an organization that rediscovered Italic and Pythagorean values ​​in many ways ignored by both the academic world and the public even in Calabria itself.

In June 2015 Marco Tricoli, after reading the book Cristo ritorna da Crotone, si mette in contatto con l’autore Salvatore Mongiardo, che trovandosi per caso a Crotone, volle conoscere il suo lettore. L’incontro avviene presso il Museo e Giardini di Pitagora e subito dopo i due raggiungono Domenico Monizzi per pranzare insieme in un ristorante sul promontorio lacinio. In quell’incontro è nata di fatto la Nuova Scuola Pitagorica con l’incarico dato a Marco di redigere lo statuto e delinearne il progetto. Ai tre si sono aggiunti Rosa Brancatella e Francesco Lopez. Tutti e cinque hanno firmato ufficialmente l’atto costitutivo.

Con i primi mesi del 2016 sono iniziate le adesioni dei primi soci fondatori che da tutto il mondo hanno condiviso l’iniziativa. E così dopo varie presentazioni in giro per l’Italia si è giunti all’inaugurazione ufficiale a Crotone della Nuova Scuola Pitagorica il 18 agosto 2016. In quella fantastica ed emozionante serata, alla presenza di centinaia di persone giunte da Paesi vicini e lontani, è stata proclamata la sua apertura e si è affermata la volontà di riprendere il cammino iniziato da Pitagora 2500 anni prima.

In the first two years of activity, the New Pythagorean School has promoted various initiatives in many cities in the cultural, informative and artistic fields, maintaining firm the philosophical principles that characterize it.

The first operational offices in Italy were structured, promoting the World Day for the destruction of all weapons and the Celebration of the Birth of Italy. They have been combined with the Syssitia, the community banquet established by King Italus and then resumed by Pythagoras. The Syssitia are celebrated with the Bread Ox, an Italic tradition emblem of the end of violence. The Bread Ox has now become the symbol of the NSP.

To date, the New Pythagorean School has 316 members from over 12 countries.