Professor Adriana Valerio meets the New Pythagorean School

The coordination of Crotone of the New Pythagorean School organized in Crotone on Tuesday, October 8, 2018 an important meeting with Professor Adriana Valerio. Historian, philosopher, internationally renowned theologian, professor at the Federico II University of Naples, Valerio presented her latest book to Crotone: Mary of Nazareth. History, traditions, dogmas.

On this occasion the theme of the greater dignity of women in Pythagoreanism was discussed, one of the central topics of the NPS.

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Presentation of the book “The mystery of sound without number”

On 31 August at 19:30 at the Pythagoras Gardens and Museum in Crotone will be presented the Pythagorean novel “the mystery of the sound without number” by Flavio Ubaldini published by Scienza Express.

The event is promoted by the New Pythagorean School with the collaboration of Jobel and will also be attended by the editorial director of Science Express, the mathematician Prof. Daniele Gouthier, who was among the protagonists of the design of the important architectural and scientific complex of the Pythagoras Gardens and Museum, which will host the presentation on Thursday 31 August.

It is a cultural moment and a comparison not to be missed, as usual in the initiatives of the New Pythagorean School open to all.


Celebration of the birth of Italy

Il On July 2nd, at 19:30, at the Pythagoras Gardens and Museum in Crotone, will take place the first day to celebrate the birth of Italy. A historical phenomenon in many ways little-known but which plays a crucial role in the development of humanity.

Around 2000 B.C. Italy was founded in the present Calabria, based on sharing, equality, friendship and freedom. This event greatly influenced the cultures of the peoples of that time and above all contributed to attract Pythagoras to Crotone of Italy to create its great ethical and philosophical project.

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