Let's talk about Pythagoras - meetings have started in schools

With the beginning of 2020, as scheduled, the meetings of the New Pythagorean School in the schools of the city of Crotone began to talk about Pythagoras, Magna Graecia and "First Italy".

The New Pythagorean School, in the first months of the year, in fact provided to print as many as 20,000 copies of the booklet entitled: Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortalproduced thanks to the contribution of the NPS members themselves with the precious support of the Hera Ora cooperative for graphics and Publigrafic for printing.

The booklet introduces the main historical and philosophical aspects of the Italo-Pythagorean and Magno-Greek theme, allowing readers, not only students, to open wide scenarios of reflection and personal research.

There are already three Institutes where the first meetings with groups of students and teachers took place: Barlacchi, Donegani and Lucifero; others are scheduled in the coming weeks, and soon, thanks to the great work of the coordinator of the NPS Antonella Grotteria, all the other high schools of the city will be gradually involved, while for the middle schools the start of the new school year 2020/2021 will be expected, to then pass also to the other Calabrian cities.

During the first meetings chaired by the members of the NPS, Marco Tricoli, Luciana Proietto, Salvatore Mongiardo, Mimmo Monizzi and Colette Fischer, the text on Pythagoras was distributed free of charge to all participants, while with school managers the logistics are being organized for the total diffusion to all students of each class.

From the first feedback, it was possible to note the extraordinary participation and great interest in the topics covered, too often overlooked or totally unknown, but which represent the most important historical and cultural roots not only of Crotone, but of the entire western civilization.

For the New Pythagorean School, which will soon inaugurate a new prestigious headquarters in the heart of Crotone, this activity in schools represents one of the main objectives that it had set itself since its foundation in 2016, consequently there is great joy among all the numerous members scattered in Calabria and in the world.

Extreme satisfaction was expressed by the managers and teachers who took part in the events, confident that the continuation of these initiatives will bring the city community to a great awareness and knowledge of our origins, to create solid pillars where to build a future rich in culture, harmony and peace.

In the coming days, info on appointments in other schools will be published. To find out more about the upcoming events and activities of the New Pythagorean School, visit the official facebook page of the NPS and the website www.nuovascuolapitagorica.org


Summary of the meeting on the Pythagorean phenomenon

“Let’s talk about Pythagoras”: the event organized by the New Pythagorean School it was an important moment of cultural and philosophical confrontation of ideas and information exchange, mainly oriented to tourist guides but also to professors, passionates and onlookers who could freely participate in this first happy encounter, took place on 11 February at the Museum Gardens of Pythagoras in Crotone.

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Let’s talk about Pythagoras

Saturday, 11 February at 17:30 in the Museum – Pythagoras Gardens there will be an important cultural event about Pythagoras and pythagorean phenomenon.

A moment of reflection, learning and comparison open to all, with the participation of professors, archaeologists, tour guides and passionates.

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