Confirmed the publication of the text on the life of Pythagoras

The text of the New Pythagorean School on the life of Pythagoras will soon be printed and distributed free in all the schools of the city of Crotone.

The project to elaborate a synthesis on the Pythagorean phenomenon, in particular for young students, has always been one of the first objectives of the New Pythagorean School. Today, thanks to the contribution of the members and the editorial staff edited by Marco Tricoli, the text Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortal it is a matter of fact. Continue reading “Confermata la pubblicazione del testo sulla vita di Pitagora”


Presentation of the text Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortal

Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortalis the text that the New Pythagorean School has produced, after two years of research, to spread the knowledge of the Pythagorean philosopher, especially in schools and within society.

The publication will be officially presented Tuesday, December 18 at 17:30 at the Council Chamber of the City of Crotone, the organization that has collaborated with the NSP association to the cultural initiative.

Continue reading “Presentazione del testo Pitagora – Storia di un bambino diventato immortale”


Opened in the Library of Crotone the Pythagoras Library Fund

Inside the A. Lucifero Municipal Library of Crotone, the Pythagoras Library Fundwas inaugurated, an exclusive section dedicated to the Pythagorean phenomenon and to Magna Graecia.

The fund already has about 500 publications, articles, volumes, research from all over the world and in various languages.

La Nuova Scuola Pitagorica esprime profonda soddisfazione per il servizio che permetterà a studiosi e semplici appassionati di portare avanti e approfondire le proprie ricerche. Inoltre è un’occasione buona per visitare Crotone: la città pitagorica.