Presentation New Pythagorean School to the city of Crotone

Friday, May 13, 2016 – at 19:00 – at the tennis club Giorgio Manzulli in Viale Magna Grecia No. 3, there will be a cognitive meeting and a common party to introduce the New Pythagorean School to the city of Crotone in view of founding official opening in August 2016.

The event is free and open to all, without exception, that, following a brief introduction, the Pythagorean Sissizio with Ox Bread, has become the symbol of the end of violence, then taking up the ancient tradition of Italis that Pythagoras raised the dignity of communal ritual. A common banquet where everyone is free to bring food and drink, sharing the atmosphere of joy with others. Only rule is to exclude products based on meat or fish, as provided for the original style of Pythagoras and King Italo, to honor the New Pythagorean School who rises after more than two thousand five hundred years, in the birthplace of the work of Pythagoras.