New Pythagorean School and Mulinum together from Calabria for Italy

On 22 February 2019 the New Pythagorean School was a guest at the Mulinum of San Floro, which has now become an important productive and cultural center, to discuss with Salvatore Mongiardo on the theme of the first Italy, Calabria, Pythagoras and therefore of Magna Graecia, looking at the future of all humanity.

The meeting was introduced by Stefano Caccavari of Mulinum who then left the word to Salvatore Mongiardo to get to the heart of the topics discussed.

On this occasion it was announced the beginning of the collaboration between the two companies born both in 2016, precisely the Mulinum and the New Pythagorean School, which will bring, among other things, this year on the first Sunday of July the Celebration of the birth of Italy just in San Floro, as a final stage of a relay that will involve athletes who will start respectively from the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea and then rejoin the Mulinum, where the grand ceremony with the Syssitia and the Bread Ox will be held.

In addition, Salvatore Mongiardo has launched another idea that has found unanimous and enthusiastic all the numerous participants and members present at the meeting: that is, a "Italians Way". A pedestrian and cycle path that rejoins the two seas to be prepared and delineated in the Marcellinara strait. Valuing along the way the places with monuments and stages that make it possible to relive and rediscover the history of Italy and Magna Graecia.

Present at the event of San Floro in addition to the members of Catanzaro of the New Pythagorean School, also other Calabrian members of the NSP including the President Marco Tricoli.

The pleasant evening ended with a tasting of the excellent products of the Mulinum, which further enlivened the many guests.


The Mulinum of San Floro meets the New Pythagorean School

On Friday 22nd February 2019 at 18:30 a meeting with Salvatore Mongiardo will be held at the Mulinum in San Floro. Thanks to the extraordinary work of Stefano Caccavari, Mulinum has now become one of the most interesting initiatives in the entire regional and national scene.

The New Pythagorean School therefore accepted with extreme happiness the invitation of Stefano, to discuss with the themes of the first Italy, of the Syssitia, of the Bread Ox, of the Pythagoreanism, of the Magna Graecia, and therefore of the future of our territory and of the entire planet.

Appointment in San Floro (Cz) next Friday, the Mulinum is waiting for you!


Official presentation of the New Pythagorean School in the city of Reggio Calabria

On May 12, the New Pythagorean School will be presented in the city of Reggio Calabria at Dante Alighieri University in Via del Torrione 95.
The event is scheduled to start recording at 5.30 pm and then proceed with the interventions of the Rector of the University Prof. Salvatore Berlingò and members of the New Pythagorean School Marco Tricoli, Rosa Brancatella and Salvatore Mongiardo.

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Confirmed the presentation of the New Pythagorean School in the City of Rome

June 24 is confirmed the presentation of the New Pythagorean School in the City of Rome in view of the official foundation which will take place in Crotone in the second half of August 2016.

The event is a cognitive meeting and a party open to all.
They will explain the objectives and the spirit that animates the project N.P.S.

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Crotone – First cognitive meeting of the New School Pythagorean

Friday was held in Crotone first cognitive meeting of the New School Pythagorean.
The event saw the participation of many interested people, women, youth, professionals and other relevant associations and institutions, with which to start synergistic relations and shared actions.

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Presentation New Pythagorean School to the city of Crotone

Friday, May 13, 2016 – at 19:00 – at the tennis club Giorgio Manzulli in Viale Magna Grecia No. 3, there will be a cognitive meeting and a common party to introduce the New Pythagorean School to the city of Crotone in view of founding official opening in August 2016.

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