New Pythagorean School

Starting from Crotone, from "First Italy", from Calabria, to rediscover and actualize the Italic-Pythagorean phenomenon of Magna Graecia, promoting knowledge and support cultural dissemination, to contribute to the improvement of the entire planet.


A history to rewrite?

Magna Graecia and Pythagoreanism

Pythagoras' return to Crotone is no accident... he chose it as the place to found his scientific and political school because of the ethics of the First Italy, which had long existed in Calabria, with the principles of freedom, sharing and research that were already well established in Crotone.


The NPS promotes seminars and conferences, both online and face-to-face, on philosophical, ethical and general cultural topics.


The NPS organises events ranging from book presentations to artistic performances, always keeping the Italic-Pythagorean values in mind.


The NPS coordinates training and research activities, university courses of study, 1st and 2nd level masters and PhDs.

Initiatives & Projects

The New Pythagorean School promotes courses, events and cultural activities

A philosophical and cultural organisation open to all

Why enrol in the New Pythagorean School?

Joining the NSP means participating in and contributing to the ethical renaissance of society. Being an active part of the change, starting first of all with awareness, consciousness and knowledge, to promote and support new paradigms capable of saving the planet and leading us to happiness.

Accessing information

NPS members receive regular articles and food for thought and study. They actively contribute to the dissemination of information and news.

Joining a large group

Being part of the NPS means meeting new friends throughout Italy and abroad. A big family ready to team up and support joint cultural proposals and initiatives.

Improving your beckground

The NPS offers its members access to meetings, seminars, debates and professional and university training courses in agreement with various universities and research centres.