The New Pythagorean School organises training events and study courses.

The New Pythagorean School is committed to promoting knowledge through various educational initiatives, events and activities that disseminate culture in various fields of human knowledge. Days dedicated to philosophy and ethics, projects with schools, in-depth discussions and debates on history, medicine, nutrition, botany, sport, and artistic and musical events. To keep abreast of initiatives, contact the NSP or join as a member.

Advanced education courses


The New Pythagorean School, in agreement with ANSI - Associazione Nazionale Scuola Italiana, promotes all higher education related in particular to research in the humanities, history and philosophy, offering degree courses, three-year PhD courses and first and second level university masters degrees.

Many NSP events are broadcast online, including on the official YouTube and Facebook channels.

All university courses are open-numbered and there are no entry tests. You can enrol at any time of the year, at no extra cost, with the possibility of following the courses in person or online via PC, smartphone or tablet.

Courses and events


Some of the courses and training events offered by the New Pythagorean School

Bachelor's, Master's and PhD

History and Philosophy

The course offers a broad overview of the philosophical and historical sciences, providing a tool for understanding society by analysing political, ethical, cultural and religious factors. After the bachelor's degree, Master's degrees of 1st and 2nd level and PhDs are offered.

Bachelor's Degree Course

Holistic Sciences

Holistic Science is linked to the concept of 'Holism', a term derived from the Greek Olos, meaning Wholeness and Wholeness. This science is also a philosophy of life, aimed at getting to know man in his global vision of body and soul.

Single-cycle degree course

International Jurisprudence

This course of study is aimed at managers or entrepreneurs who are looking for knowledge and new training elements to better meet the major challenges of the international market.

Bachelor's Degree Course


Criminology and Investigative Science applied to Cultural Heritage and Antiquities provides the acquisition of a specific cultural basis for those criminological paths focused on the subject of Cultural Heritage.

Bachelor's and Master's degree

Sport sciences

The training focuses on a solid theoretical basis combined with practical experience with a focus on the new requirements of the world of physical culture.

Bachelor's Degree

Enterprise management

The course belongs to the L-18 university degree class in economics and is divided into five different areas: statutory, digital economics, marketing and sales, sports management and real estate.