Confirmed the publication of the text on the life of Pythagoras

The text of the New Pythagorean School on the life of Pythagoras will soon be printed and distributed free in all the schools of the city of Crotone.

The project to elaborate a synthesis on the Pythagorean phenomenon, in particular for young students, has always been one of the first objectives of the New Pythagorean School. Today, thanks to the contribution of the members and the editorial staff edited by Marco Tricoli, the text Pythagoras - The story of a child that became immortal it is a matter of fact.

With the sharing of the Department of Education, in the person of the councilor Prof. Francesco Pesce, the booklet will enter all schools and consequently in the homes of over 15,000 students. In this way, the story of Pythagoras, of the Italic-Pythagorean phenomenon and therefore of Magna Graecia, becomes a topic of discussion, with the main intent to stimulate awareness and awareness of the past but with a gaze oriented to the present and the future.

The text will be printed by Publigrafic, thanks to the agreement with the publisher Gianni De Simone, member of the first hour of the New Pythagorean School, which has proved to be available and is fully available for the success of the project.

So it's time to revive the city that has welcomed that child with extraordinary talents, who after traveling around the world decided, not surprisingly, Crotone, the first Italy, as a place to give birth to his school and give humanity a a harmonious vision, at the same time rational and spiritual, to live a peaceful and serene life.