Statue of Pythagoras

The monument takes shape and life.

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The statue of Crotone dedicated to Pythagoras

A work awaited for 2500 years

The project of building the monument to Pythagoras, a bronze statue in honor of the first philosopher who founded in Crotone one of the most important schools of thought of humanity, has begun. This event, which has been awaited for 2500 years in the city of Crotone, represents not only a majestic technical-artistic activity but also a philosophical, ethical and cultural process that crosses national borders because of the prominence and international value connected to the figure of Pythagoras.

The feature of this enterprise entrusted to the famous crotonian artist Gaspare Da Brescia, who will realize the work together with his workers, will be a participatory project open to all civil society and to those who wish to follow all the phases that will lead to the final placement of the statue in the central Piazza Pitagora, heart of the city of Crotone.

The initiative is therefore strongly linked to Article 9 of the Italian Constitution and participates in the growth of the heritage of the Republic and of the entire humanity.

How to participate in the project

The statue building initiative has begun!

After the first phase of creating the statue in clay in early 2022 at the Officina Pitagorica inside the Gallart in Via Claudio Crea in Crotone, we moved on to the wax phase. The sculptor shaped the wax sections of the Statue of Pythagoras at Capo Colonna, on the sacred Lacinian promontory. The statue has now been assembled on the premises of the New Pythagorean School's operational headquarters in Vico Municipio 1 in Crotone.

With the KOSMOS-23 event, the wax statue of Pythagoras was on display from 15 December to 31 January 2023, to be admired before being cast in bronze.

The project aims to reconcile the city seat of the Pythagorean School and the place where Magna Graecia was born with the figure of its founding father: Pythagoras.

For this reason the work will be realized with the free contribution of citizens, enterprises and organizations from Crotone, Italy and the whole world. All contributions of any amount will be recorded in the ledger. The work will be so common heritage spreading a sense of union and sharing.

The spirit is to contribute to the growth of the image of the Republic in the deep sense of freedom, equality and fraternity, universal principles that find in Pythagoras and in the Italic-Pythagorean phenomenon of Magna Graecia a first important historical foundation recognized worldwide.

Certain of your deep understanding of the initiative in a perspective of mutual universal interest, we look forward to your support and contribution.


Bank account in the name of the Nuova Scuola Pitagorica at Banca Popolare Etica - IBAN: IT60S0501803200000012270435 - BIC/SWIFT: ETICIT22XXX

Object: Donation contribution for the construction of the Statue of Pythagoras

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All donors will receive an official certificate of participation in the project for their contribution. Additionally:

For amounts over 60€ - Printed T-shirt depicting the face of Pythagoras of the new statue with a slogan

For amounts over 300€ - Multiple polychrome terracotta coin depicting Hera diameter 15cm circulation 1/200

For amounts over 500€ - Xylograph print run 1/99 and retouched by the author in p.a.

For amounts over 3.000€ - Bronze sketch in limited edition 1/60 with author's proof


*To request receipt of the work, once the contribution has been made, it is necessary to make a request by sending an email to attaching a copy of the payment made, telephone number and shipping address.