The New Pythagorean School has no preconceived truths to spread, nor rules to give, but it intends to use knowledge and consciousness as a means to resolving conflict within the person and within society.

The Association proposes and develops projects and collaboration with the aim to promote study, meetings, conventions, encounters, seminars, debates, events, exhibitions and actions relative to achieving the common and associative objectives. Participation and sponsorship with other associations and related organizations are provided.

The NPS asks moreover for stimulating and encouraging the establishment of a World Academy Against Violence, for the research and prevention of human violence, an initiative involving experts from all cultural, social and geographical backgrounds. Violence is an ancient evil that has widely spread in all of its forms be it cultural, religious, social, family, productive, military, behavioral or sexual, but there still does not exist a world center dedicated to the promotion and co-ordination of the study of violence. This proposal comes from Crotone as a continuation of the great project started by Pythagoras and forgotten for over two millennia.


Since 2017, June 10th of each year the New Pythagorean School has declared the World Day for the destruction of all weapons.

In a particular way, the New Pythagorean School would like to promote the active role of women, who Pythagoras brought together in his school side by side with men, and which united into a women’s association for him: the thiasos. Today, the participation of women in the management of power to even become leaders of governments, is one of the principal measure for an efficient operation of the New Pythagorean School. Manifesto Pythagorean Thiasos

The Association is open to participants coming from any nation without preclusion, and the activities, the initiatives and the meetings will be held in any part of the world deemed opportune. Operating offices of the New Pythagorean School are established in various cities. Operating Office Regulations


To rediscover the essential importance of the Italic phenomenon of the first Italy, that of King Italo, on the coming of Pythagoras in Crotone and therefore on the birth of the Pythagorean School and Magna Graecia, on the first Sunday of July each year the New Pythagorean School announced the Celebration of the birth of Italy.