Master Gaspare Brescia completes Pythagorean art intervention in New York

The Officina Pitagorica, led by Maestro Gaspare Brescia, landed in New York a little over a month ago and completed the artistic set-up work in the prestigious venue at 472 West Broadway in Manhattan.

A fantastic location where the Magna Graecia and Italic theme was sublimated by numerous paintings and sculptures by the artistic director of the Nuova Scuola Pitagorica Gaspare Brescia.

The opening is scheduled at 6 p.m. US time on 23 March 2024, in the presence of numerous Big Apple personalities and artists as well as guests from various parts of the world.

A great deal of work lasted over thirty days in taking care of the renovation of the premises, the furnishings, the creation of works of art, and the functionality of the spaces. In fact, the structure, which will be supervised by the Croton-born Giulio Bonaccio of Lux'o, will also become a destination for important cultural, artistic, popular and philosophical initiatives, thanks to the relevant insights and historical discoveries deriving from the studies and publications of the New Pythagorean School and the atmosphere created by the works of Maestro Brescia.

This officially opens a new bridge linking the Pythagorean School of Crotone with the city of New York and the United States in general, in order to develop more Pythagorean initiatives and activities overseas.