The memory of the massacre of Capaci in Pythagoras Sky

The Department of Education, University and Research of the Calabria Region, directed by the scientist Sandra Savaglio, in collaboration with the Regional School Office and the Student Consultations celebrated the 28th anniversary of the Capaci massacre involving the New Pythagorean School. A completely new initiative that brought a reflection on the criminal phenomenon under an unusual guise, Pythagoras Sky: "Laws are not good if they are not based on rightness."

«On the day when all of Italy remembers Giovanni Falcone, his escort and his wife, Francesca Morvillo - the Calabria Region addressed the theme "focusing on the sky through the thought of Pythagoras", because Falcone is one of the victims of the great evil, of the ethical disorder that the world witnesses through the drift of the mafias. From Calabria, in defense of the universal order, the voice of Pythagoras rises. As a mathematician he had explored the causes of social evil in depth. Its five ethical principles served to combat it and to indicate the path of universal coexistence».

"Together with Prof. Savaglio, the regional coordinator Student Consultants Franca Falduto, the regional president Student Consultants Giovanni Carè and Salvatore Mongiardo of the "New Pythagorean School" took part in the initiative."

The event was streamed live. Here the link to the video.