The meetings of the Thiasos in Rome have started

On Friday 28 February the cycle of meetings of the Pythagorean Thiasos in Rome began.

Every last Friday of the month the New Pythagorean School promotes the meetings of the Thiasos, a moment of comparison and exchange of reflections on the theme of harmonization between male and female.

This first event, held at the Pandora Studio in Via Appia Nuova 71, allowed the participants to spend a beautiful evening together, discussing the gender difference, then finally seasoned by the Syssitia, the community banquet where you share the food and drinks that everyone brings with them.

One of the central themes for the NSP, the role of women, is thus addressed in these pleasant moments of exchange of ideas, open to all.

Next appointment then on the last Friday of March, to analyze the issue of economic independence, work and income, always oriented towards conciliation between the two sexes.