World day for the destruction of all weapons 2020

On the occasion of the 2020 edition of the World Day for the destruction of all weapons, the New Pythagorean School, unable to organize public events due to the health emergency linked to Covid-19, invites everyone to celebrate it individually in the places where they are located.

Below is the official communication from the president.


10 June 2020

One of the initiatives promoted by the New Pythagorean School during these first years of activity is the World Day for the destruction of all weapons, called and celebrated on June 10th.

An event that many have interpreted utopian, impossible, provocative, unachievable.

Instead, we believe that utopia, dreams and desires are the engine that drives humanity towards research and the achievement of new goals that seem unthinkable.

In this regard, we invite you to reflect on Universal Law of Desire, written by our dear scholarch Mongiardo.

Today it is becoming increasingly clear that our planet is interconnected. Nature, political and social organization lead us to seek a new planetary balance, a paradigm that guarantees global peace and health. Harmonization increasingly necessary for everyone.

Thinking that thousands of billions are spent every month in the world for the war industry, armies, armaments and wars is an indecency that must end.

All these resources burned would instead guarantee a life worth living for all humans and living beings on Earth.

This June 2020 we find ourselves in a particular health emergency linked to the 19-covid pandemic that has struck indiscriminately all nations. We therefore decided for this year not to organize any public event to celebrate the Day.

But we invite everyone, wherever you are, to symbolically destroy a toy weapon, and share information between your contacts, publish photos, videos and messages on your social channels with the hashtags #WorldDayDestructionWeapons #GiornataMondialeDistruzioneArmi #NoWar #NoWeapons #BastaArmi #BastaGuerre #NuovaScuolaPitagorica #NewPythagoreanSchool.

Certain that the more an thing seems unlikely the more it is destined to be accomplished,

I send you a warm brotherly embrace to all

Marco Tricoli 

President of the New Pythagorean School